We can’t waste a single day of a student’s education, we need great schools now. As a beginning point we believe that we cannot ACCELERATE schools toward excellence if they don’t already have VELOCITY. That’s why we select passionate, knowledgeable, and capable school leaders with a track record of success and focused on serving ALL students equitably to be a part of our regional cohorts. From there, we believe in:

Traditional and charter public school leaders working as one to explore how to provide students the best possible education, and create an aligned and whole public school system.

Diverse leadership that promotes equality by ensuring that students from different backgrounds find a place for themselves within high-quality public schools, and with teachers and leaders who care for them; cultivating diverse educators who embrace a representative culture for all students and staff to grow

People first: Schools, organizations, and districts are only as good as the people that lead them. Believing in the unique potential of each individual.

The power of relationships: Networks of committed and trusting peer relationships create avenues for greater capacity, and stronger collective impact, and higher quality results.

Grow where you know: Schools are their strongest when the are deeply connected to the communities in which they serve, creating a continuous and generative cycle of local leadership development.

Connectedness: a people-first and purposefully cultivated network of people accomplishing what cannot be accomplished individually

Academic Excellence and Organizational Quality are equally important in order to ensure greater access to high quality K-12 public education

Ground Truth Adaptability:  school leaders as the primary driver of program and policy, with the autonomy to adapt to emerging needs.

Unique Design: diverse school models and methodologies are needed to recognize and respond to the unique assets and needs of community, school, and child.